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                            PEFace HIFES Machine

                            The PEFace HIFES Machine combines high-intensity electromagnetic stimulation and radio frequency, which can directly act on the skin fascia layer and muscle layer. The whole treatment process is painless, non-invasive and comfortable. It only takes 20 minutes to achieve the effect of face lifting, wrinkle removal and facial reshaping.

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                            Product Description

                            The PEFace HIFES Machine uses high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation and synchronized radio frequency technology to deliver energy directly into the tissue.

                            The combination of the two energies triggers the rhythmic contraction of muscles, improves muscle strength and tension, and strengthens the facial muscle structure and facial fascia.

                            At the same time, radio frequency evenly heats the dermis to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers. Thereby enhancing and firming the facial contour and shaping the face, as well as improving the skin texture, so that you have the most perfect facial contour.


                            Clinical studies have shown that PEFACE can increase muscle tone by 30% and reduce wrinkles by 37%. At the same time, a 23% face lift and 26% collagen regeneration can be seen.


                            The whole treatment only takes 20 minutes, painless and non-invasive! It is very friendly to beauty lovers who are afraid of needles and want to pursue natural effects


                            We produce portable version and vertical version PEFace machines, as well as various of skin rejuvenation machines and weight loss machines. Welcome to contact us for more product information and the lowest factory price.

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